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About Gettysburg, PA

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Gettysburg has reached a world renown status for being haunted as it was home to one of the most brutal and well known battles of American history. The town itself pays homage to those who fought and died during the Civil War. Grand statues, monuments and plaques line the battlefield and town that detail every event.


With us you will be able to utilize famous and experimental paranormal investigation equipment in an environment that is not only mysterious, but engaging as well.

The experience is completely hands on. A brief history of each location will be given, before diving into investigating the paranormal in hopes of reaching out to the spirits that still reside in Gettysburg. Are they from the war? Do they understand us? Do they know where they are?


Come with us and find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet?  Answer:  Meet up location will be sent to your email upon booking.


What do I need?    Answer:  You will need your vehicle the duration of the investigation to travel between locations. This is an outdoor event, so dressing according to the weather is helpful.

Can I bring my pet?  Answer: Service dogs are always welcome, but due to allergies and distractions, bringing other dogs is a case by case basis depending on the other customers.


Is equipment included?  Answer: Yes! We supply all of the equipment for the night and will teach you how it works so you can utilize it during the investigation. If you have your own, you can bring it along!

Can my children join? Answer: Yes! We take groups of all ages like boy scouts and girl scout groups regularly. If you feel your child can handle the investigation, they are welcome to join! Babies are not recommended to attend.


Investigation Options

Sunset Scare Investigation

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Investigations Time Slot: 5:30pm-8:30pm


Pricing: $45 per person


Some people believe that paranormal activity is heightened at dusk so you can explore what happens when light turns to dark.
This is a great tour for families with younger children and people who do not like to stay up late at night.  As with all of our investigations, the subject matter is the paranormal.  This is not a history tour.  We will go over the historical significance at each location along with the paranormal tales because they go hand in hand as to why we are still hearing from these
spirits that walked the earth so many years ago. 

Short and Scary Investigation

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Investigations Time Slot: 8:30pm-10:00pm

Pricing: $35 per person


If you don't have time for a full three hour investigation or have younger children, this is a great investigation for you!   
Try our short and scary tour. 1-2 locations, 1.5  hours long.

If you're feeling adventurous and want to continue on to another location for the full investigation bring the additional $10 (per person) to give to your investigator, or call in to the office!

Evening Investigation

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Investigations Time Slot: 8:30pm-11:30pm

Pricing: $45 per person

Are you tired of the pushing and shoving while trying to do a proper investigation? Come with ADI and join our small group so you can hear and talk to the dead.  Although we describe historic events that happened at each location, this is a paranormal investigation, not a history tour.  We focus more on using paranormal equipment to communicate with spirits in each location.  We reach out to passed loved ones if this is your interest and it's an amazing thing to witness.  If you love the shows on TV about the paranormal, this is the place to be.

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Fright Night Investigation

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Investigations Time Slot: 8:30pm-11:30pm

Pricing: $75 per person


This investigation is tailored to people who have been on investigations before and equipment junkies although anyone can reserve this tour.
Tour three of Gettysburg's most haunted locations with use of vintage and cutting edge equipment that our other tours don't have access to.

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Devil's Hour Investigation

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Investigations Time Slot: 11:45pm-2:45am


Pricing: $65 per person


This is the BEST time of night for great evidence - the streets are empty and the spirits are awake!
Some people consider midnight and 3am to be the spirit's time to communicate with us. Some think  these times are the "Devil's Hour".
There are many superstitions about the significance of midnight and 3am is in the spirit world.  Come out while Gettysburg sleeps and see what spirits lurk in the darkness….  
Use paranormal equipment to bring them out, as well as a few other tricks. There is a thick mist that blankets the ground throughout Gettysburg. We have seen soldiers as well as other spirits walking in this mist. Whatever your curiosity, come out and find what's hiding in the dark.

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Specialty Investigations

Private Investigation

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Investigations Time Slot: Flexible Start Times

Pricing: $85 per person (Start Time before Midnight)

$100 per person (Start Time at Midnight)


Private tours are great for people who want more one on one time with our investigators, want more time at our locations, and want to have just their family or friends in the group.  If a guest desires to reach out to passed loved ones, we will attempt to contact their family members. This is a very touching encounter, one that you will not forget. You will have full attention from your investigator who will go through this process with you.  


Sensory Safe Investigation

Sensory Safe Investigation.jpg

Investigations Time Slot: Flexible Times

Pricing: Dependent on group size, duration, and start time


In a continued effort to make everyone feel included in our investigations, we are offering an investigation for families of children and adults alike that are interested in the paranormal, but fear settings that may cause sensory overload. This investigation will be tailored to specific needs of the individual family. For this reason, it is important for this investigation to be booked over the phone in order to accommodate any concerns before the investigation. We will be able to work through as many sensory concerns as possible.

(To include, but not limited to, loud noises, bright lights, darkness, touch, and crowded situations.) Accordingly, we can help bring comfort through possible religious, or natural healing properties of stones and herbs. Our hope is to share the love of paranormal with anyone and everyone that wants to look into a different world.

Group Tours Investigation

Long Island Boy Scout Group Light Anomaly - Spring 2014.jpg

Investigations Time Slot: Flexible Times

Pricing: Dependent on group size, duration, and start time


Perfect for Boy/Girl Scouts, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation, family reunions and other group events. We can accommodate bus tours! This is a very popular option with our customers.  If you have a budget to work with, please call us and we will work with you.  This is a very exciting, hands on investigation with the paranormal.  Your group will be talking about this for years to come. 

Gift Cards

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Perfect Gift for the ones you love!  E-Gift Cards can be applied toward the cost of any of our investigations. They never expire.

Cards are available in our two locations. Please choose the location you would like below:



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