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Open Year Round!

Investigation Tours for Paranormal Activity in Gettysburg, PA

Are you tired of the walk & talk ghost tours and being just one of the crowd?  We've proudly served Gettysburg for ten years as the premier Paranormal Investigators!  We host small, intimate investigations where YOU get to use all of the paranormal equipment you see on TV, including:
  • K2 Meter / EMF Detectors
  • Ovulis
  • SLS Camera
  • Spirit Box / Ghost Box: Speak to spirits in real time
  • EVP Voice Recorders
  • Phasmabox
  • Dowsing Rods
  • Temperature Gauges
  • Infrared Video Cameras
  • Laser Grids
  • Lots more!

Laser Grid

No waiting in lines.  No large groups. After years of searching we have discovered the most haunted locations in Gettysburg. Talk to the dead, safely and respectfully. We will help you connect with your deceased loved ones. Learn the techniques of your favorite TV ghost hunters. Experience a night you will never forget!

Watch our intro video and hear a little bit more about our process, history, and the intent of After Dark from Susan, the owner.
This  incredible full
  bodied apparition
   was captured
     during one of our
        Join us and 
          experience it
           first hand!

Available Tours


Evening Investigation: $40

Different start times available!

Short and Scary: $30


Devil's Hour: $60

Midnight to 3am


Private Tour: $85

Please call to book

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Eerie Early Investigation: $40

Special Early Investigation


Fright Nite: $60

For Seasoned Investigators & Equipment Junkies!

Group Tours Available - Please Call Us!

We also accept cash on site - call to reserve.
Tips are greatly appreciated!
All tips go directly to your personal investigator.
No refunds, but tours can be rescheduled.