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About Susan

When my daughter and I opened After Dark Investigations, my guests would always ask me what got me into this type of work. I'm not the typical
"ghost hunter", mid 20's to 40, male. So, I told them why a middle aged woman would be so interested in what goes bump in the night.  I always had a fascination for the paranormal growing up because I saw my grandmother's spirit right after she passed when I was three years old.  It was quick, but it left such an impression on my young mind that I knew there was something out there besides what we all could see and touch. I don't believe this small company would've been a success unless I had that belief in the afterlife. With the incredible help and support from my daughters, Sarah and Jess and now Grayson we continue to educate the community about the paranormal. We are blessed with a family of employees who continue to do an amazing job.


Jessie K.



About Jessie

I have always been a bit different. I watched scary movies when I was six, not the hard core ones but still, it was definitely not a normal thing for a kid to do. My teachers would get mad at my mom for letting me see these types of movies but we watched them together and we laughed at how silly they were to us. When my mom asked me at 19 if I wanted to move to Gettysburg and open a "ghost tour", I was all for it. After all, we both loved horror and watched ghost TV shows all the time. We also lived in Northern Virginia so we would go to Gettysburg often and go on ghost tours. We soon realized we could do better than the normal walk and talk ghost tour and so we moved and began doing investigations. We knew we were going to have to work hard to be noticed. We didn't have money to open a store front, little advertising money and we were competing with at least ten other groups. The one thing we had was we were different. We used equipment and we were always reliable and honest with our customers. We were talking about what we should call our new business and mom said we should have something that started with an A so to be at the top of an alphabetical list which still existed then so I thought about it for a while and came up with the name After Dark Investigations. It got us and we loved it. It took a couple years of being broke and struggling but it caught on. Now we have repeat customers and a good reputation in Gettysburg. I think even our competitors think we are okay. We never stepped on anyone's toes or bad-mouthed anyone. We kept focused and we are now in our twelfth year. We've experienced unbelievable paranormal events and it changed me into a spiritual person. I now know that ghosts exist and we go on after our bodies die. The whole thing has been pretty amazing.



About Grayson

When I was younger, I experienced paranormal events that could not be explained that were both terrifying and intriguing. Watching TV shows such as Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters only added fuel to my desire to investigate. I joined the team in 2016 where I grew a fond love for the investigation equipment. I love anything ITC related to communicating with the spirits anywhere I travel. I consider my greatest adventure spending time exploring the haunted world of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba while serving in the United States Army. We are a veteran lead team with me taking roles in management, customer support, equipment development, and investigations for St. Augustine. My expansive equipment collection allows me to connect with spirits in a multitude of ways to help validate paranormal occurrences on my investigations. My favorite part of investigating is being able to hear the spirits speak directly to me; with devices like the PSB7-Spirit Box or my trusty Panabox I will never shy away from trying to help. For now, I am comfortable making satirical paranormal videos, but in the  future, I plan to document my journey in a book.

Manager/ Equipment Specialist



About Cheyenne

I have always had an "in" with the paranormal and spirit world my whole life, but it didn't present itself until I was a mother. I am a very creative and well organized investigator and I am an Empath/ Sensitive, so I connect with spirits. I have built a very respectful relationship with these soldiers and spirits. I came to Gettysburg in 1999 from Baltimore, Maryland’s city life, to a quiet place so my parents could raise my older sister and I. When I am not working, I am spending time with my two daughters, watching all of their favorite shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Brothers, Destination Fear, and Ghost Adventures. I have been a part of After Dark Investigations since 2018 and feel to be a very valued employee and have many repeat customers. I have a vast knowledge of paranormal equipment and built my SLS Camera. I love having the newest gear to use on investigations and consider some of my favorites to be the touch based toys like the light up ball, Shadow Tracker, and Music Box. Other favorites include the SLS, Nechrophonics, Rem-Pod and Psb7-Spiritbox. I am a year round investigator so if you come to Gettysburg’s in the winter, I may end up being your guide and promise an amazing night where we investigate Gettysburg’s famous haunted town and Sachs's covered bridge.








An After Dark Staff Meeting!
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