Below is video evidence we capture during our investigations. Its updated regularly so check back, or subscribe to our facebook page for immediate updates on all of our newest evidence!

The spooky intro video to our Youtube channel.

Check out our investigation of the Fox 43 studios!

One of our guests was filming on her SLS camera and you can see a spirit hanging out in the woods. He/she is red in the video and looks like a stick figure. He/she never did get off that rope that night and we all left very sad for him or her.

A confederate soldier was terrorizing an African American woman and her children because they were living on the land he lived on. His name was Xavier and apparently he cared for the mother but did not like her sister. The sisters would fight and the spirit choked the sister, defending Emma. This was a great case. We collected evidence and presented it to the government caseworker who had assigned this home to Emma. They relocated the family. Amazing.

During a lockdown we held at a 200 year old church, we ask the spirits questions and they respond through a flashlight!  There is a K2 meter next to it which only lights up when there is spiritual activity.

A quick video of a spirit we call "Tennessee" moving a cigarette when asked!  This was taken during one of our investigations.